Caring for very sensitised skin is not an easy task.

The intense itching, the constant scratch, the inflamed skin and countless sleepless nights are just some of the familiar sharings we hear from the sufferers and their families. On a deeper level, the social impact on the person is more than skin deep. Many sufferers of eczematous skin have encountered episodes of severe flare-ups leading to bleeding, infections and scarring. In many cases, the sufferers are not able to attend school or going for work as their skin is lacerated and raw to touch that even putting on their normal clothing can be a painful experience.

There are a range of dermatological products available on the market. While it is certainly good to have the luxury of such extensive choices, it can be rather confusing at times to choose the best product. At Beacon Pharmacy, we understand that each person's skin is unique. It is imperative that every case that is presented must be assessed (on an individual basis).

How we wish there is a formulation out there that fits all skin types. Unfortunately, it is not always the case. A dermatological skin product that suits a person may not suit the next. Through history-taking and sharing of past experiences, the information gathered can be very useful to identify the potential irritants.  It will guide us in the selection process of a suitable preparation for your skin.

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