Beacon Pharmacy positions herself as your one stop community pharmacy with specialisation in skin care and allergies. A Malaysian registered pharmacy and operated by qualified Pharmacists trained in the United Kingdom.

Our Principal Pharmacist is a healthcare professional with experience from Baxter Healthcare (UK), Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (UK), Boots (UK), Weldricks Pharmacy (UK), Lloyds Pharmacy (UK) and Tesco Pharmacy (UK). The Principal Pharmacist was also the Project Manager for the inaugural pharmacy services for AEON, a leading retailer in Malaysia.

Obviously the question is why do we want to specialise in the area skin care and allergy? It is a personal story of one of our stakeholders who is a parent of a child with severe allergy (and episodes of potential anaphylaxis). In this day and age, one should think that medication for emergency anaphylaxis (i.e. Epinephrine) would be readily assessible by the parent or the allergy sufferer. However, it is not always the case in Malaysia.

With personal research, it was noted that there are many parents and families facing the same situation. Thus the idea of setting up a community pharmacy addressing these challenges was materialised. What could be better than sharing our own personal experience and walking the journey together with parents and care-givers who are having the same experience.

Beacon Pharmacy hopes to spread the awareness and support towards this pressing issue. We have access and we work with both international and local experts to support children and adults with allergies.

We aim to help the community with allergies and skin care challenges to regain a completely normal quality of life, giving the best whilst keeping the cost low as much as possible.

Please leave us a message at our contact form so that we may be in touch with you.